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Coaching My Kids

Importance of Family
July 6, 2016

As my kids get older, it becomes more apparent that the skills they have learned through sports have been defining and invaluable.

Lately, one thing I have done to highlight my commitment to their enjoyment of sports has been to support them further by coaching them in their different leagues. This has served the benefit of enabling us to have more time together in a positive, constructive environment, and has also enabled me to show them a different side of myself in a setting that is exceptionally important to character-building.

Especially for my older boys, my coaching has given us a lot of opportunities that never occurred to us before. Personally, I love that I am able to give them more of my time in such a great way. Coaching has enabled us to make more friends, and getting in an extra workout as a result of trying to keep up with my kids benefits me by making me healthier. It’s incredible.

Coaching has been amazing for my personal growth as well; not just for fostering it in my kids. Of course, the ultimate aim is for their wellbeing and growth of character, however I would be lying if I said I didn’t walk away from it changed as well. Approaching sports from the perspective of “coach” and “dad” is totally different from being a player; it can sometimes test one’s patience, sense of responsibility, leadership, ability to problem solve, and institute a sense of fair play. And doing this all with my kids has been an exceptional experience.

In raising my kids, I am definitely a stern but loving father. I want the best for my children, and I am absolutely resolute in ensuring their childhoods are a balance of fun and excellent learning opportunities that will strengthen them for the road ahead. Sports are profound in what they offer for the growing child, and childhoods full of sports enable kids to grow into adults who can handle the challenges and difficulties of life. I am proud to be a coach, and I think the time is exceptionally well spent because of the bonds and lessons we are learning together.

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